Spannagel Tool & Die Co.
- SINCE 1921 -

Our History....
For 90 years people and businesses have come to us with their problems and for 90 years, we have been providing them with solutions.
From early machining, stamping and manufacturing processes in the 1920's  throughout the War effort in the 1940's we have been solving problems.
At the inception of the printed circuit board industry our company designed and made some of the original tooling that was used. Today, Spannagel Tool & Die works with with leading engineers to help them transform their ideas into actual manufacturing processes. 
 We attribute our longevity to the simple fact we work hard at developing long term relationships with our customers. By providing solutions, insight and perspective, we have been able to maintain the trust that companies have placed in us.

The following a list that represents some of the companies we have provided services for:
Methode Electronics