Spannagel Tool & Die Co.
- SINCE 1921 -

Die Making:
             1) Metal stamping
         We design and make or own Metal stamping tooling from simple blanking dies to complicated progressive and compound dies. We also provide services to maintain, sharpen, repair and modify current tooling which our customers may already have.
            2) Printed Circuit Tooling
         Printed circuit board tooling, made to punch a vast degree of shapes, sizes and designs has been a specialty of ours since it's inception in the early 1950s.
            3) Film Tooling:
        We design and make dies that will punch thin film type materials such as mylar and kapton. Our process enables punching of film like material from as thin as .003 thick.
        Design and engineer wire and cable molding with expertise at overmolding contacts and connectors within the plastic or rubber  compounds to close tolerances.
       Production machining, prototypes and the making of special parts. We have knowledge in machining many grades of steel, aluminum, stainless steels, brass and copper. We can also machine plastics, rubber and phenolic types of materials to suit our customer needs. Be it only one or thousands of parts we are willing and capable to make parts to very close tolerances.
CNC Machining:
Our computerized equipment expands our machining process to include complex shapes along with delicate and intricate designs. We do offer specialized engraving from typical fonts to image engraving. 
Special Fixtures: 
Our experience includes designing and making fixtures that hold and locate for testing and gauging purposes.
Specialty Tooling: 
Our knowledge of steel gives us many opportunities to design and build small and large projects that help our customers create proper long lasting parts and mechanisms.
Research and Development:
       We take pride in our abilities and open mindedness to welcome challenges that have not been invented or fully developed to the extent of our customers needs. We have a history of problem solving and welcome troubleshooting possibilities.